how we do it


Experience the Power of Voci

Voci’s speech recognition capacity, quality, and scalability are unparalleled. We combine speed and accuracy to give you the most powerful analytics tools imaginable. All of our solutions are incredibly scalable, with flexible deployment models to fit your specific needs. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, batch or real-time analysis, Voci gives you the power to use all of your voice data for better business outcomes.

Unmatched Speed

Your time is valuable, so we’ve designed both our real-time and batch transcription, analytics, and search engines to give you the fastest results possible. Our patented HyperVox™ hardware acceleration technology puts us at the top of the list for transcription speed, with a single appliance transcribing over 100 audio hours in one hour of clock time and with nearly unlimited throughput rates in the cloud. Voci’s real-time solutions enable live call monitoring, with 200 real-time streams processed simultaneously on a single appliance.

Unrivaled Accuracy

At Voci, we make it a point to focus on providing high-quality, accurate results so that you can uncover more and better insights from your voice data. Our transcription engines use large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) technology that delivers accuracy rates of over 80% out of the box, with nearly human-level accuracies achievable through custom language modeling for your specific industry, use case, and company. What’s more, we provide a complete array of highly-accurate metadata for an even deeper understanding of the conversation.

Unprecedented Flexibility

The computational efficiency of our appliances allows us to bundle our incredible speed, power and accuracy—what would normally require multiple racks of space—into a single appliance, allowing you to scale effortlessly just by adding additional appliances. Our cloud solutions transcribe your audio just as efficiently as our appliances, with the added benefit of scaling even more quickly. But scalability isn’t all our technology has to offer—it also integrates seamlessly with any input or output thanks to our open-system approach.

Unparalled Savings

Voci’s high-volume, high-efficiency hardware not only allows you to scale easily, but also allows you to reduce your hardware footprint. Now, a handful of appliances will do the same amount of work as several racks of servers, slashing your energy consumption. This makes our technology the “greenest”—and most cost-effective—solution available today, so that you can protect the environment while still reducing operating costs.