how we integrate with you


Open minds, open systems

Voci is committed to making sure that our clients get true value from their voice data. We believe that your calls, your transcripts, and the insights they uncover should belong to you and only you. From start to finish, Voci’s clients retain ownership of all of the data produced by our solutions. We understand that our clients need the flexibility to access and use their data however they choose, so we've created all of our products with the need for an open system in mind and forged key partnerships with industry leaders. No longer are your voice calls locked away by your recording vendor, and no longer are your speech analytics and text analytics engines separated by institutionalized silos. With Voci’s open system, you can view your data on your terms, regardless of audio source or analytics destination.

Open input

Our goal is to accommodate any recording platform or audio source as input. Each of Voci's solutions is able to ingest all major audio formats. We can integrate our solutions with your recording platforms or connect directly to your telephony network to access your audio in its purest form using the Voci Adapter. Voci supports over 350 audio and video formats including:

  • Audio—mp3, wav, wma
  • Video—mp4, wmv
  • Nice
  • Verint
  • inContact Discover Call Recording (Uptivity)

Open output

Just as Voci ingests 100% of your audio, we produce 100% of our transcripts in an open format that can be imported into any third-party analytics system. Whether you need to create a single customer view, compare interactions across support channels, or view multimedia evidence alongside emails, texts, and chat records, our open system allows you to access your data where you need it. Each of our solutions can easily integrate with a number of analytics and ediscovery platforms, including:

  •  Clarabridge
  •  EpiAnalytics
  •  Hadoop
  •  IBM
  •  Nuix
  •  NEC
  •  MainTrax
  •  Pinpoint
  •  Relativity
  •  TopBox

If you can’t find the integration you’re looking for, let us know.