call center operations


Keeping your call center running—and keeping it running efficiently—is hard work. In order to improve call center performance while still cutting costs, you must consider every aspect of operations, most importantly how to reduce agent attrition, improve workforce management, increase sales effectiveness, and optimize agent QA efficiency. Transcribing your call center recordings allows you to search and analyze 100% of your agent-customer interactions for detailed insights that you can leverage to make informed decisions based on actual data, rather than gut instinct.

Agent Attrition

Agent turnover is the biggest challenge facing call center managers today. Not only does it force you to devote time and money to constantly finding and training new agents, but unhappy agents are less productive, less engaged, and—worst of all—less motivated to speak highly of your company.

Transcribing your call center interactions gives you an inside look into what your agents are thinking and how they feel about their jobs and the company. With Voci’s voice transcription capabilities, not only can you search 100% of your transcripts, but you can also use speaker separation to specifically review the agent side of the conversation and better understand the  agent experience. Voci’s call center transcripts come with emotional intelligence scores so that you can jump right to the calls where your agents are unhappy to begin your analysis.

Call transcription and analytics also allows you to find successful calls and share these with your agents to boost agent engagement. With Voci’s V-Spark Voice Analytics platform, you can even configure a shareable agent scorecard so your agents can track their own performance and even learn how to improve without formal training.

Workforce Management

Having a searchable database of all your customer interactions at your fingertips can reveal valuable insights for reducing call volume, increasing agent productivity, and optimizing agent training. Using speech analytics to evaluate agent performance helps you identify which areas of agent training need to be improved and which business processes slow agents down, so you can apply this information to improving agent training to boost agent efficiency, reduce average handle time, and increase first call resolution.

Not only can speech analytics lead to data-driven process improvements, it also allows you to monitor whether agents are following proper procedures so that you have a true understanding of training effectiveness as well as  each agent’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make informed decisions about staffing.

Sales Effectiveness

Closing sales is the simplest way to demonstrate that your call center is providing value. Being able to transcribe and analyze all of your sales calls rather than manually listening to just a small sample allows you to see the whole picture of the sales process.

Voci’s speech analytics platform enables you to automatically sort sales calls according to their success or failure. By comparing successful calls to unsuccessful calls and analyzing the differences between top-performing agents and under-performing agents, you can identify which sales strategies are most effective for each type of customer and which words could make or break a sale. These insights can then be used to improve sales training and close more sales, faster. Not only that, but these insights can also be used to inform your company’s marketing strategy and attract more customers.

Quality Assurance

Reviewing your call center calls for quality assurance is time consuming and costly and, even after all the effort expended to complete your manual review, you’re still only able to evaluate a tiny fraction of each agent’s calls. Five calls per agent per month simply does not provide you with enough information to accurately judge an agent’s performance.

With speech recognition and analytics you can turn 100% of your agents’ calls into searchable transcripts, increasing the efficiency of the QA process and broadening the scope of your agent monitoring capabilities. Voci’s speech analytics platform enables you to automate call review to make sure your agents meet compliance requirements and even detect any attempts of fraud. Automating call review also allows your QA team to be more productive by tapping into keywords and emotional intelligence to perform targeted sampling of the most important customer calls. Having access to 100% of a customer interaction allows V-Spark to disposition customer calls for you based on what the agent and client actually say, preserving the integrity of your data and relieving your agents of the burden of call dispositioning so they can handle more calls throughout the day.