compliance & risk management


Companies face challenges from every direction, both internal and external, including noncompliant employees, federal audits, data breaches, and, of course, the competition. Mitigating these risks is a challenge, especially since monitoring everything your employees say and do is nearly impossible. But with automated voice transcription, monitoring your employees’ voicemail and call recordings becomes easy and painless, allowing you to detect compliance issues quickly, conduct more thorough audits, respond more effectively to legal allegations, protect your company from hackers, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Employee Monitoring & Fraud Protection

It’s important to keep a close eye on your employees to make sure that they stay compliant with governmental regulations and keep their actions above-board, because even one compliance infraction to lead to serious consequences. But manually reviewing call recordings and voicemail is costly and time-consuming, and even then it’s impossible to review everything, making it easy to miss important details.

With automated voice transcription and speech analytics, you can quickly transcribe all of your audio and video recordings and turn this unstructured data into an easily searchable database. Voci’s V-Discovery speech analytics platform lets you configure automatic monitoring for specific words and phrases so that you can monitor all of your employees—and all of their calls—all of the time. This allows you to detect risky language, breaks with compliance, and attempts at fraud as soon as they happen so that you can act swiftly to manage the risk that these lapses create for your company.

Audit & Lawsuit Preparedness

Transcribing your voice data also enables you to more efficiently perform internal audits, more thoroughly prepare for external audits, and more quickly respond to legal action. Instead of spending hundreds of hours listening to a fraction of your audio recordings, you can now search 100% of this data quickly and easily in the form of highly-accurate transcriptions.

Having these audio transcriptions readily available makes it possible to perform thorough internal audits of your employees by searching every single one of their calls and voicemails for keywords and phrases that expose your company to risk. These transcriptions also allow you to prepare for external audits by knowing exactly where your weaknesses are so that you can improve them and avoid fines. Finally, being able to discover the exact call that you need quickly and accurately allows you to disprove false accusations and learn the full extent of the risk behind a particular lawsuit has any weight behind it, so that your legal team can plan the best defense possible.

Regulatory Compliance

All businesses need to be prepared for the eventuality of a data breach. Having 100% of your calls and voicemails transcribed is incredibly helpful, but these calls need to be stored in compliance with all federal regulations so that you can protect both your customers and your company. Voci’s voice technologies are equipped with automated redaction capabilities for both audio and text, so that you can securely store all of your voice data in compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS and PII compliance regulations.

Voci’s Purify technology automatically removes sensitive information from your call recordings and transcripts, including social security numbers, phone numbers, and other sensitive information. Not only that, but Voci’s highly accurate technology has been developed specifically to ensure that other important information surrounding these numbers is preserved during the redaction process. The thoroughness of Voci’s redaction technology is also customizable so that you can control how much and which types of information you want to redact.

Competitive Analysis

An important part of effectively managing your company’s risk is to know what your competitors are doing so that you can more reliably evaluate how their new product will impact your sales, how their marketing strategy influences your churn rate, and more.

Being able to transcribe and analyze 100% of your customer interactions helps your marketing team provide you with more detailed and more accurate information about competitive risk that you can use to inform your company’s product roadmap, marketing strategy, and investor relations. Not only can you search your call center interactions for customer feedback about how your company compares to the competitor, but you can also track changes in the rate of these competitive mentions to better predict and mitigate new competitive risks.