customer experience


Retaining customers, increasing sales, leveraging customer feedback, and keeping up with the competition are the biggest concerns of marketing and customer experience professionals everywhere. To better understand your customers and achieve these goals, you need data. Unfortunately, your biggest source of customer data is voice data from call center interactions, which has traditionally been difficult to access because of the effort it takes to manually review audio. Now, Voci’s technology makes it easy for you to leverage this data by transcribing 100% of your call center recordings into highly-accurate text that you can analyze for the answers to all of your customer experience questions.

Customer Retention

Everyone knows that the cost of winning a new customer over is higher than the cost of keeping a customer you already have, so reducing customer churn and increasing customer loyalty is important for both your brand reputation and your bottom line. In order to successfully improve customer retention, you need to understand what your customers are feeling, identify the things that upset them, and use this information to turn negative customer experiences into positive ones, reducing their propensity to churn.

Voci’s best-in-class voice transcription and speech analytics capabilities take all of your call center data and convert it into text that can be searched instantly. Voci’s transcripts can be integrated into any analytics system, giving you a single point of view of your customer data. Voci also gives you detailed information about customer sentiment and emotion so you can identify calls containing negative customer experiences to pinpoint why customers are churning and which save strategies are most effective. The best part? Voci’s results are updated in real-time, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently to customer feedback, and reach out to customers before they churn.

Sales Effectiveness

Developing an effective sales and marketing strategy requires a lot of hard work—and a lot of hard data. You need accurate information about your customers and you need to be able to convert this information into an actionable plan for how to sell your product. What wins a customer over? What drives them away? How can you optimize upsell and cross-sell attempts? The most reliable way to get this information is to listen to your customers.

Voci’s speech-to-text transcription and analytics allow you to search 100% of your voice data for customer feedback about products, promotions, and competitors. By mining this data and comparing top-performing agents with  lower-performing agents, you can determine which sales strategies are most effective for overcoming objections,make your products and pricing plans more attractive to customers, and train your agents to provide relevant and personalized up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to the right customers at the right moment.

NPS, CSAT & Survey

Providing a positive customer experience is becoming an increasingly important part of a marketer’s responsibilities. Customer surveys are a great way to measure this information, but a large quantity of after-call surveys are still conducted with a live agent, making it difficult to turn this customer feedback into structured data that can be definitively measured and converted into a CSAT or NPS score.

Voci’s automated transcription and speech analytics helps you do just that. Now you can transform all of your after-call survey recordings into searchable text, helping you convert your unstructured voice data into concrete scores for a reliable measure of your company’s CSAT and NPS scores. This wealth of survey data and customer feedback can also be leveraged to pinpoint negative reviews, react quickly to customer feedback, and improve the overall customer experience. Product feedback can be fed to the R&D team, agents with consistently low scores can be targeted for additional training, and customers’ perceptions of your brand can be used to refine your marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Keeping pace with your competition—or better yet, staying one step ahead—is vital for attracting new customers as well as retaining existing customers. With automated voice transcription, collecting competitive intelligence from a call is just as easy as collecting it from social media or chat.

Customers tell your agents who your competitors are all the time, but agents often don’t record this information in their call notes. Only by transcribing and searching your call center recordings for competitive mentions can you capture this information. Voci’s speech analytics allows you to mine your voice data for customer feedback about competing companies, brands, and products that you can leverage to refine marketing, develop irresistible promotions, and boost sales.