Manually reviewing audio and video for litigation discovery is time-consuming and costly. On the off chance that you do find audio and video data that’s worth presenting as evidence, it takes even more time and money to acquire court-ready transcriptions. With automated transcription and speech analytics, however, you can convert all of your audio and video files into easily searchable text for a faster and more thorough eDiscovery review process.

Increased Review Efficiency

Being able to search multimedia files like text files allows you to locate any and all files containing keywords of interest almost instantly. Speech analytics also enables you to configure automatic indexing of audio files by speaker, emotion, and content, so that you can start your review with the subset of data most likely to produce results.

Not only that, but Voci’s V-Discovery can transcribe over 100 hours of audio and video data into text in less than one hour of elapsed time so transcripts of archived recordings are available as soon as the eDiscovery review process starts. Voci’s transcripts are also highly-accurate, so you don’t need an expensive legal transcriptionist to get your hands on a court-ready transcript.

Full-Spectrum Analysis

In addition to speeding along your eDiscovery review, all of Voci’s highly-accurate voice transcriptions are in an open-source format that can be ingested into any text-based eDiscovery review platform, so that you can review audio and video files alongside text files like email and chat.

Reviewing multimedia and text together reduces eDiscovery costs and increases review efficiency by requiring fewer people and half as many searches. It also allows you to do a full-spectrum analysis across all communications, allowing you to build content-rich timelines and accurate analyses of communication patterns for a more complete understanding of the case at hand.

Learn more about how Nuix Voice, Powered by Voci can help you achieve a complete and efficient eDiscovery experience.

Automated Redaction

Once you’ve located the audio and video evidence you wish to present, you need to make sure that that your clients and witnesses stay safe and their personal information stays private.

Voci’s Purify technology automatically redacts sensitive information like phone numbers and social security numbers from audio files and transcripts, reducing the time it takes to prepare court-ready transcripts and allowing you to rest easy knowing these kinds of sensitive information will never need to be handled by external organizations and that your company has remained compliant with all governmental regulations.