product features


Searchable Recordings

Search your voice data quickly and efficiently by conducting simple keyword searches of your entire dataset or designing complex queries to drill down for detailed results.

Audio Metadata

Enhance your analyses by evaluating detailed audio metadata, such as audio duration and silence time, speaker clarity and overtalk, or any number of custom data points, alongside audio transcripts.

Emotional Intelligence

Reduce churn and identify brand advocates by leveraging our signature emotional intelligence, which combines traditional text-based sentiment analysis with acoustic-based analysis of speaker tone to provide you with a deeper understanding of speaker emotion.

Gender identification

Uncover gender-based insights by applying advanced gender identification technology to conduct comparative analyses of your data to identify gender-based trends and behaviors.

Speech Analytics Applications

Automatically sort and analyze 100% of your audio by employing easy-to-use, out-of-the-box applications or creating your own applications to focus your energies on targeted sampling and reduce the burden of time-consuming manual review.


Capture what people are talking about by tracking the most common words and phrases spoken to determine trending topics.

Automated Redaction

Meet important compliance regulations by automatically redacting sensitive information from your audio and text output with Voci’s Purify technology.

Speaker Separation

Better understand speaker interactions by separating each side of the conversation, making it easier to follow along and allowing you to analyze speaker’s words independently for richer insights.

Multiple language support

Voci supports the following languages and dialects, with more being developed every year:

  • U.S. English
  • U.K. English
  • Australian English
  • U.S. Spanish
  • European Spanish

Voci offers both out-of-box transcription models tuned for specific industries as well as the option to customize these models for increased accuracy of transcriptions and analysis.