visual voicemail


You want to give your customers a reliable, high-quality visual voicemail experience, but manually transcribing voicemail messages is inefficient and expensive. Voci’s V-Ferno voice transcription solution is incredibly fast, accurate, and scalable, and supports over 350 audio formats, allowing you to provide your customers with a best-in-class voicemail-to-text solution.


One of the biggest challenges of integrating speech recognition with voicemail systems is finding an accurate speech-to-text provider that can reduce the burden placed on your human transcribers or even replace them entirely.

Voci’s core automated voice transcription technology has been incredibly accurate from the start, but the V-Ferno transcription engine is specifically designed to transcribe voicemail messages, making these transcriptions more accurate still. V-Ferno’s automatic phone number recognition ensures that your customers receive accurate callback information. V-Ferno also comes with transcription metadata indicating transcription accuracy, so that your transcribers can make targeted corrections to specific messages.


Your customers are constantly on the move and they need a voicemail system that can keep up with today’s fast-paced work environment. Manual transcription is time consuming and costly, but Voci’s breakthrough transcription speeds allow you to get all voicemails to your customers faster than ever before.

Voci’s automated V-Ferno transcription engine can transcribe over 100 hours of voicemail recordings in less than an hour on just a single appliance, while our cloud-based V-Ferno engine has been proven to transcribe voicemail messages in near real-time, with 30 second messages being transcribed and returned in 9 seconds. With high accuracy and low latency, Voci’s V-Ferno voicemail-to-text solution is guaranteed to return on your investment.


In addition to providing quick and highly accurate voicemail transcriptions, your visual voicemail offering needs to keep up as demand grows for your product.

Voci’s voicemail-to-text solution is incredibly flexible, available for both cloud and on-premises solutions. The scalability of a on-premises deployment of V-Ferno rivals even the inherent scalability of our cloud-based solution, allowing you to increase your transcription “bandwidth” quickly and easily as the visual voicemail market expands.