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Voice Technology for your Business Needs

What we do

Voci develops state-of-the-art voice transcription and speech analytics solutions for our clients and partners.

We take 100% of your audio and video recordings and convert them into searchable text that can be viewed alongside email, social, and chat messages for a global view of your data.

Our transcriptions are guaranteed to be 80% accurate out-of-the box, but we don’t stop there—we also  include detailed metadata covering everything from call duration to speaker emotion and generate these results quickly and accurately.

We also work with you to develop custom implementations, and continually develop new ways to integrate with your existing infrastructure to  give you an all-in-one research platform that delivers valuable insights and radically improves business outcomes.

Voci provides voice data solutions for customer experience, call center operations, compliance & risk management, eDiscovery, and visual voicemail.

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Customer Experience
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Call Center Operations
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Visual Voicemail
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