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Committed to Client Success.

Voci is committed to developing state-of-the-art language technologies and solutions for our clients and partners. With everything from speech transcription appliances to conversation analysis, our solutions help you deliver the best customer experience possible.

Language Technology for your Business Needs

Voci provides a wide variety of language technologies to improve your customer experience. Our patented accelerated speech recognition and transcription hardware and software provide the fastest transcription service available. Our emotion recognition, sentiment analysis, and language and gender identification tools provide you with ever more valuable information about your data. Take all that and add it to our conversation analysis platform, and you’ve got an all-in-one research platform that allows you to discover valuable insights and radically improve your business outcomes.

What our Technology Can Do for You

Automated Speech Transcription

Voci’s accelerated speech recognition appliances provide you with the fastest speech-to-text transcription on the market. Our automated speech-to-text transcription protects your customers' privacy and is perfect for low-latency needs such as:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Phone Survey transcription
  • Call Center transcription

Speech Analytics

Our analytics tools help you discover descriptive, predictive and prescriptive business insights. Real-time updates of graphs and batch analysis of call center calls and voice surveys help you see a global picture of your business, predict future trends, and solve problems before they happen.

Business Intelligence

Our technology integrates your customers’ voice conversations and text data for a thorough analysis and 360⁰ view of your customers’ viewpoints. Thus, more intelligent decisions are supported for overall value to your enterprise.


Our eDiscovery technology combines the best of our transcription and analytics capabilities to allow you to effortlessly and efficiently sift through even the largest collection of audio files. Whether you’re looking for keywords in real-time surveillance data or performing complex searches of archived data, forensic analysis is easier than ever with Voci.

Voci turns big voice data into actionable insights